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NovioMEMS has been founded in April 2010 by process development engineers with decades of experience in semiconductors, MEMS, solar cells and chemical engineering. Headquartered in Eindhoven, the company has its offices for MEMS industrialization in Nijmegen, where it has access to prototyping facilities.

NovioMEMS Services:
NovioMEMS offers prototyping of new developed MEMS to companies who have invented their own MEMS based product.
Consider that you come from R&D and you have invented a product with a chip assembled in it. The chip is a silicon based MEMS chip. Your technology is not necessary a standard process technology. You have demonstrated the principle of the assembled product and now you are looking for an industrial prototype for product release, followed by volume production of the chip. NovioMEMS can be your partner.
NovioMEMS has many years of experience in industrialization of silicon chips and MEMS. We work with MEMS foundries where we can introduce your technology, after we have created a robust industrial process flow out of it. By this industrial development, the MEMS foundry will be more eager to implement your technology, and you will get more samples out of the batches.

NovioMEMS offers expertise in several distinctive technologies, and continues expanding according to requests of customers. In 2011 NovioMEMS has mastered thin SiN membranes for MEMS. In 2012 a development took place for MEMS with thin film piezo-electric layers, PZT. In January 2014 the fab shut down and now NovioMEMS works on a transfer to another production facility. In 2015 multi-project wafer runs are expected to become available for customers.

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Dr. Ir. J.J. Koning

CEO (Founder)


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