Prototyping MEMS Integration and Sensors


Change of Headquarters

The NovioMEMS headquarters have moved to a new address:

TU Eindhoven Science campus
Bldg Flux 0.111
Groene Loper 5,
5612 AE  Eindhoven

Zaale, 5612 AJ Eindhoven,
follow De Wielen

PO Box 513, Flux 0.111, NL-5600 MB  Eindhoven

September 2016:

Share transfer to NovioScan holding BV

Founder of NovioMEMS BV, J.J. Koning, has transferred the shares of NovioMEMS BV to the holding of NovioScan, of which dr Koning is also co-founder. The new CEO is Peter van Stiphout, who has a trackrecord in leading companies in MEMS and biosensors. NovioMEMS will continue to offer PZT MEMS devices to third parties by device design and MPW runs, and dr Koning remains active supporting the commercialization of the PZT MEMS.

July 2015:

I2I Ultrasound MEMS project completed

January 2015:

Multi Project Wafer runs 2015

It is possible to join multi-project wafer runs (MPW) with thin film PZT cantilevers and membranes. For information, please contact NovioMEMS by e-mail.
NovioMEMS is open to proposals from customers for joint development of PZT MEMS devices.

December 2014:

Prolongation of I2I Ultrasound MEMS project

The I2I project has been granted prolongation until 2015. After first functional piezo-MEMS in 2013 and further characterization and demo-design in 2014, dedicated piezo-MEMS for a 1MHz application for the first customer are being developed. Post-doc dr Nirupam Banerjee has joined the project in the group of Professor Guus Rijnders at the University Twente for R&D on the piezo-electric technology and devices.

July 2014:

Dr Reinout Woltjer hired as CTO

Reinout Woltjer, former groupleader at Philips and NXP Research, is hired by NovioMEMS as CTO. With his strong experience in the field of MEMS, sensors and modelling, the team will accelerate MEMS development.

December 2011:

Project on Ultrasound MEMS technology granted

The Innovation to Industrialisation for Advanced Micro- and Nanosystems (I2I) project has been granted for subsidies from EFRO. Part of the I2I project comprises the project Ultrasound MEMS technology, with SolMateS, Solutions-on-Silicon, University Twente as partners and lead by NovioMEMS. Based on the thin film piezo-electric technology of SolMateS an industrial process flow will be developed with NovioMEMS. The University Twente offers expertise and Solutions-on-Silicon BV is the consultant for the design of cleanroom equipment, as they build on extensive expertise in refurbishment, trade and maintenance of cleanroom equipment.
The I2I project has been submitted by Business Cluster Semiconductors East-Netherlands (BCS) and will run three years, starting January 2012. Other projects in I2I are:

  • Breath Analyzer based on Micro Gas Chromography
  • Micro Inhaler for drug delivery
  • Multiple Diagnose Cartridge based on Microfluids and IC-technology for point-of care/Lab-on-Chip
  • Body Fluid Sampler
  • Thin-Film Lift-Off process for re-use of substrates. NovioMEMS also participates as a partner in this project





September 2011:

ICP granted, ranked no.1 in Netherlands

The Innovatie Prestatie Contract (IPC) as submitted by the Eindhoven University Business Club (EUBC) has been ranked highest out of originally 83 proposals. This project of 15 small companies, mostly connected to the Eindhoven University of Technology, focus on improvement of the innovation process. NovioMEMS and ALSI from Beuningen jointly started the development of dust-free laser dicing of MEMS wafers into separate chips in September 2011. The IPC will run for three years.

Project “MST for SME” completed

On request of the Materials Innovation institute M2i, a knowledge transfer project “MST for SME” has been completed in 2011. For five customers NovioMEMS performed feasibility studies. These studies involved optical quality of layers for optical microsystems, micro-filters for bacteria, economic feasibility of GaAs solar cell systems for Concentrated PhotoVoltaic (CPV) application, feasibility for the industrial manufacturing of nozzle chips based on thin membranes, and possible MEMS devices for use with PZT thin film.
As a result, all investigations appear to be feasible and performance on some chip has improved by the industrial processing, though for 0.5 µm features extra processing steps are necessary. This will be addressed in 2012.




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