Prototyping MEMS Integration and Sensors


Traineeship PZT for MEMS

Traineeships are available at NovioMEMS. For the first assignment, the main focus is on the testing of PZT MEMS devices for ultrasound applications and the statistical evaluation of the PZT layer quality. This may result in the (re)design of devices for the next tape-out. Master students with interest in modeling, MEMS, design and process technology may apply via mail.

For the second assignment, the main focus is on the system architecture for electronic actuation and sensing of ultrasound devices. The goal is show the feasibility for an integrated system with MEMS transducers. The trainee will investigate literature and patents on existing concepts for electronics and will design top level concepts, related to possible options for integration technology. Master students with affinity with patents, electronics and system architecture may apply via mail.

Location: NXP campus Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Minimum duration of trainee-ship: 6 months. Students with an EU-passport are preferred.

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